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Electronic Invoicing, leads, track sales funnel, communicate seamlessly with customers and vendors via email and sms, support ticketing system, etc.


Great for your retail and service business; job orders, supports barcode scanners, thermal printers, cash drawers and multiple payments.

Inventory Control

Manage your stock. get notifications for expired products and low stock. Easily do stock adjustment, requests plus 20+ inventory reports.


Automate your finance department: track cash movement, income/expenses, asset register, requisition, funds retirement, reports, etc.

Human Resources Mgt.

Maximize workforce efficiency with our HR Management module. Streamline staff assignments, collaboration, and payroll. Elevate your HR operations effortlessly.


Comprehensive payroll system, supports commission based payments, FIRS tax calculator, payslip, deductions/benefits, bank schedule, recurring payments and reports.

Project Management

Organize your projects, plan project budget, upload project documents, break deliverables into steps, assign tasks to staff, track progress, updates and timelines.

Banking and Investment

Suitable for credit/thrift and micro-banking service providers; savings, withdrawals, transfers, investment portfolio, loan management and a self-service portal for clients.

Fleet Management

For transport companies. It feature a backend admin module and an online booking website/mobile app for customers. Create routes, track your fleet and manage; customers, orders, drivers, supervisors and manifests.


Provide customers with invoices featuring a payment link. They can pay via USSD, Card, or transfer, updating your ledgers automatically. Additionally, conveniently make payments to suppliers, customers, and staff in-app.

Appointment Management

Effortlessly create appointments, monitor visitor entry and exit, and handle tagging and related activities seamlessly with our Appointment Management software. Turn your manual visitors register into an electronic one.


Seamlessly manage your branded virtual ecommerce website, ensure secure transactions, and gain real-time sales insights. From listings to order fulfillment, our tools empower your digital success within Swift Cloud ERP software.

Delivery System

Setup delivery routes and dispatch riders/drivers, add orders, update movement and send tracking link to customers.

Case Management

Turn your law firm into a smart office - Manage cases, assign cases to staff, access records on the go.

Document Management

Go paperless, send and receieve electronic memos in-app with our Electronic Document Management System (EDMS).

Reservation System

Online/offline reservation, take advantage of guests notification system to engage and retain guests via SMS/Email.

Lets take the burden off you.

Whether you are transitioning from manual operations or migrating from an existing software, our team will help you do that quite easily. We have done it for hundreds of businesses and organizations, we will do it for you and support you throughout the journey.

Solid Architecture.

Realiable Cloud server platform with auto-backup and recovery guaranties your data is safe and secure.

Experienced Team.

Our dedicated and experienced in-house developers, support team and partners are available to support you 24/7.

In-depth Training.

We will empower your team with knowledge through hands-on usage training and in-app support for seamless operations.


Our software scales effortlessly as your business grows, accommodating increased transactions, users, and complexity without compromising performance.


Frequently Asked Questions

ERP means enterprise resource planning. It refers to a suite of software modules that enables businesses and organizations manage operations of all their departments from the same software.

Swift Cloud ERP is a comprehensive enterprise resource planning software hosted on the cloud, offering integrated solutions for various business functions such as finance, inventory management, HR, CRM, and more. It enables businesses to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and make data-driven decisions for sustainable growth.

Yes, Swift Cloud ERP is designed to cater to businesses of all sizes, including small, medium, and large enterprises. It offers scalable solutions tailored to meet the unique needs and budgets of different organizations.

Swift Cloud ERP provides comprehensive customer support services, including online documentation, tutorials, and a dedicated support team to assist users with any queries or technical issues they may encounter. Users can also access community forums and user groups for additional assistance and insights.

Swift Cloud ERP offers flexible pricing plans based on the features and functionality required by your business. Pricing options may vary depending on factors such as the number of users, modules utilized, and additional customization or support services. Contact our sales team for detailed pricing information tailored to your organization's needs.

Absolutely! Swift Cloud ERP is a cloud-based solution, allowing users to access the platform anytime, anywhere, as long as they have an internet connection. This enables remote work flexibility and ensures seamless collaboration across distributed teams.

Security is a top priority for Swift Cloud ERP. The platform implements robust encryption protocols, data backup mechanisms, and access controls to safeguard your confidential information. Additionally, regular security audits and updates are conducted to ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Yes we do, our team of support staff are available via our live chat platform to attend to your questions. We also have customer care consultants in major cities who can come visit and assist you.

Yes, Swift Cloud ERP offers training programs and resources to help onboard new users and ensure they are proficient in utilizing the platform's features effectively. Customized training sessions can also be arranged based on the specific needs of your organization.

Absolutely. We know that your Business will grow and you may need to add more staff, branches, and modules. You can upgrade at anytime. All you need to do is contact us and we will assist you.


What they are saying about us

Swift Cloud ERP revolutionized our business operations at TechSavvy Solutions. With its intuitive interface and robust features, we've streamlined our processes, improved collaboration among teams, and witnessed significant growth in our productivity. It's truly a game-changer for any organization looking to stay ahead in today's competitive market.

Abukakar Ibrahim

CEO At Gaskiya Biomedical Nigeria

As a Software company with many branches Swift has been a vital tool for monitoring staff activities, payroll, performance and feedback. I am able to log into any branch, view sales, staff work plan, daily work done updates and make comments. Its feels like I am live in all our branches.

Ona Charles

CEO & Co-founder At Sysmax Tech.

As the CFO of BrightFuture Enterprises, I can confidently say that Swift Cloud ERP has exceeded our expectations. It has simplified our financial management, provided real-time insights into our financial performance, and enhanced our decision-making processes. With Swift Cloud ERP, we're better equipped to navigate the complexities of our industry and drive sustainable growth.

Ngozi Eze

CFO At BrightFuture Enterprises

Swift Cloud ERP has been instrumental in optimizing our logistics operations at Optimal Logistics. From inventory management to route optimization, the platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools that have helped us streamline our processes and deliver exceptional service to our clients. It's a reliable partner that empowers us to meet and exceed customer expectations consistently.

Adewale Adeyemi

Operations Manager At Optimal Logistics

Managing human resources has never been easier thanks to Swift Cloud ERP. The platform's HR modules have simplified our recruitment processes, facilitated employee engagement, and enabled us to track performance effectively. With Swift Cloud ERP, we've fostered a culture of transparency and accountability within our organization, ultimately driving employee satisfaction and retention.

Bolanle Ogunleye

HR Manager At TalentHub Solutions

Swift Cloud ERP has transformed our IT infrastructure at Dynamic Innovations. Its cloud-based architecture provides scalability, flexibility, and enhanced security, allowing us to adapt to changing business needs seamlessly. The platform's integration capabilities have facilitated smoother data exchange between our systems, leading to improved efficiency and operational resilience. Swift Cloud ERP is undoubtedly a valuable asset for any IT department.

Emeka Onyema

IT Director at Dynamic Innovations


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