How SWIFT.NG ERP is changing the way law firms operate

by Ona Charles Kaobo (204 views)

Law firms play a very important role in every society. Tasks performed require a lot of time, research, collaboration, data sharing and writing. They also work with confidential information, this therefore require tools to enable them work more smartly, effectively and efficiently. Swift.ng ERP’s case management module can transform how law firms operate.

With swift.ng case management module, you are able to do the following:

1.                  Create your cases

2.                  Create case categories

3.                  Assign cases to staff or a group of staff

4.                  Track case update

5.                  View all case schedules and

6.                  Attach documents to each case for easy retrieval.


With swft.ng ERP’s customer relationship management module, you can do a number of things as discussed below;

Call memo: You are also able to enter and manage all communication and engagement with clients. This information is accessible to all authorized staff for use. You can also book appointment with clients, set reminders for yourself, customer or both.

Transactions: All customers’ transactions like invoice, payments, cash refunds, product return, etc. are easily managed by swift.ng ERP and E-commerce software. In fact, you can send SMS and email invoices and receipts to customers on the go.

Communication: This enables you send and SMS or email to a customer or group of customers at a click. You can also take advantage of our customizable SMS templates to send messages.

Staff: Create and Manage staff profile, contact information, referees, official data, academic qualification, background, work experience, task assigned, attachments, etc.

Payroll: Seamlessly manage and process staff deductions, allowances, benefits, monthly payment, issue pay slip both manually and electronically (email), generate bank schedules, automatic calculation of PAYE, NHF, NHIS, PENSION etc.

Accounting: Manage Income, expense, deposit payments, invoicing and let swift generate all the necessary report for you.

E-commerce: use our e-commerce module to sell products online. From online and admin- based inventory and order management system to receiving payment directly into your account.

Multiple Users: Create multiple users. Get all your staff to work smartly. You can assign roles to control access to various modules of the software.

Multiple Branches: you can create multiple branches, create and assign staff and other resources for each specific branch. Branch users have access to their branch alone while the super admin can track activities of all branches.

Online Real-time Mobile Access:  swift.ng ERP is online and can be accessed via PC or mobile. Use your browser or download the swift.ng App from Google play-store for your android devices.

Optional Features: swift.ng has optional modules otherwise known as special modules which include Accommodation module for hotel management and room reservation services, Property Management module available for property owners and agents, Documents module for upload and download of documents.

If you need better results and software to help you work smarter, swift.ng ERP is definitely the answer. You can try it free for 14 days and choose between monthly and annual subscription plans. To schedule a call or demo, kindly visit our website fill the call schedule form and a team member will call you

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