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23rd January, 2018

The development of Swift was as result of a certain challenges we were facing in Sysmax Technologies. We had engaged the services of a printer for our office documents: letterheads, receipts, invoice booklets, Identification cards, Business cards, lead management forms, client Support forms and other important office documents. Soon after, we opened a new branch and needed our new address in all documents. Whatever decision we took would cost us extra money. Shortly after, we opened yet another branch so we needed a tool that would save us money and reduce wastages.

First, we decided never to print and keep office documents in large quantities again, printing would only be on demand. With new branches, the need to monitor daily operations of all the branches was the new challenge. I was personally concerned about how to ensure all staff regardless of their location were carrying out their responsibilities and posting updates real time.

Swift.ng was birthed, users were created for each branch with different access rights and there carried out various activities while I could access and track them. It also generated all the documents we needed and information updates on them was just a click away. We added some smarter services like automated SMS sales receipt, staff productivity enhancement tools, customer appointment scheduling, sending SMS/E-mail to either individual or a group of customers, leads staff and vendors.

Friends and clients upon hearing about the many cool things we could do with Swift.ng started placing orders and we redesigned it for the public. I am pleased to inform you that, our Swift Team is working around the clock to improve each service in order to deliver a better user experiance. We hope you will find this story useful.


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