Smart Project Management using SWIFT.NG ERP

by Ona Charles Kaobo (209 views)

Projects have different meanings depending on who you are engaging. For the purpose of this discourse, we are looking at a project as a set of tasks that require people and resources (tangible or intangible) to achieve within a time frame and a budget. Projects can be as complex as creating a structural plan to build a city and may also be trivial like a plan to sell a product and service to a client.

The need for details of all steps to be taken and the ability to track the progress of all resources cannot be overemphasized as you may be monitoring multiple projects at a particular time. We find swift.ng ERP’s project management module very useful in managing all our projects. Let’s take a quick look at some of the features;

1.      Create project categories

2.      Create your project and assign it to a category. This is very useful in helping you organize related project for easy access.

3.      Break all project steps to actionable tasks.

4.      Add details to each task.

5.      Assign team members to each task.

6.      Set timeline for each task.

7.      Set a budget for each task.

8.      Set a percentage value for this task in the project entries. For instance, a task may constitute 10% of the entire project.

9.      Attach all relevant document; Bill of qualities, comprehensive proposals, business plans, pictures, maps, etc.

10.  Upon completion of tasks in each step, update work done, setbacks, incidents and expense incurred

11.  Swift.ng does the rest;

a)      Shows your project progress in percentage

b)      Project budget performance

c)      Timeline-propose verses actual progress

d)      Notified all staff of their to do list throughout project life span

e)      Notify all team members when they are behind schedule

f)       Provide a project summary report

g)      Provide comprehensive project update report and

h)      Financial report

With all these features you will be able to manage your projects on the go, in fact you can work with swift.ng ERP as your project planner. You can try it out for (14) days free. To schedule a call or demo, kindly visit our website fill the call schedule form and a team member will call you.

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