Increase Lead Conversion using SWIFT.NG ERP

by Ona Charles Kaobo (194 views)

A good sales team, perfect sales plan and great execution may be easily crippled by poor customer relationship management software (CRM). Swift.ng ERP helps business owners and sales managers easily track their sales processes to ensure faster lead conversation with tools that help their sales team collaborate, get and share information.  Supervisors can also track and ensure more sales are closed. I will share with you how we use swift.ng ERP to manage our sales processes.


You can easily classify all your lead how you want it. Being a software development company, our sales team market our product to customers all over the country. We get them to create profile of all leads contacted .Thankfully, swift.ng ERP enables us record who acquired the lead so we have categories like new leads (first contact), hot leads (those likely to buy soon) and cold leads (those not likely to buy soon). For existing customers, we create a category per product/service so that at a glance we can view all customers using a particular product/service. You can continue updating your records as you engage with leads and customers.


With this feature, all communication or interaction with customers or prospective customers are saved or recorded.  It contains fields like date of visit, mode of communication (physical visit, phone call, email, SMS, mail) sale representative, contact person, details, next appointment date, appointment reminder date and time, and option to remind you, lead or both. With multiple entries you are sure to always keep a tab on all customers and leads. Both sales and customer relationship teams have access to these features.


Without going through a client’s complete profile, you may need to see how they are doing at a glance. This feature collects data from all your entries and displays them for each customer in the customer’s page. Information like how many times a customer/lead has been contacted by phone call, email, physical visit and SMS. You also see the last time customer or lead was contacted and in case of an existing customer, last date a transaction was carried out. You can also see contact data like phone number & email. This feature may be configured to enables only the enrollee to view their leads too.


(a)  Tasks: This enable each staff to set small tasks and update their status from ongoing to completed. All on-going tasks are displayed in staff’s dashboard in their order of importance. Periodic report can be generated to show all tasks created verses tasks executed and this process is automated. This will enable your sales team to track tasks status and set tasks or targets.

(b)  SMS/Email: Swift.ng ERP enables your team send text messages/emails to a specific customer or to a category of customers at a single click. This makes it easy to send automated information fast. It may be a reminder or an appointment schedule. All messages are logged to enable others view previously sent text messages and emails.

There are some important features you will find useful using swift.ng ERP to manage your sales process. I wish you all the best in your sales adventure.

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