You don’t need any software to run your Business

by Ona Charles Kaobo (195 views)

As a Business owner or manager, you are daily inundated with ads from software vendors and sales pitching for that magical software or app that will turn your business around forever. These guys are professional salespeople that know just how to guilt you into buying or subscribing for their apps.

We are Business people obsessed with being the best, growing faster, working smarter, doubling sales, reducing cost and looking for that idea to crush to competitor, that makes us vulnerable and susceptible to their marketing theatrics. We then accept and digest hook line and sinker the promises they choke down our throats.

We are sold, fired and pumped, all of a sudden, deployment doesn’t seem to be going well, after a while, we just realized, nothing has really changed. After a tone of cash and months lost to a failed or failing transitioning, you feel scammed and back to my old paper record or Microsoft excel template ways and frankly don’t want to go back there either. Left, stock in the middle of nowhere, and the software guys? I’m told he’s too busy helping (some other firm) to come to my rescue. God help you it’s not some freelancer with a knapsack around his shoulder - why do they always hang those?

Let start from the beginning, I needed an App to manage my business, I paid a software firm or freelancer who had my solution. They deployed, trained our staff but we never took off due to one problem or the other. My conclusion, everything failed.

What should I do?

I’d want to believe that before you made your choice of software, you did your due diligence. If you didn’t, you have yourself to blame. One important parameter could be to find out if someone in your Business segment is successfully using the software or app. If there are, the challenge is most definitely you. Yes, you read it, YOU!

Important Questions to ask yourself

What changes have you made to accommodate the new system?

  • Hardware required
  • Other supporting software
  • ICT policy
  • Staff computer literacy level
  • Employee buy-in
  • Role changes
  • Control
  • Accountability, etc.


Many software check frauds, demands and enforce certain rules that were hitherto broken. This is bound to create a backlash in employee buy-in. I have experienced that a couple of time working with Sysmax Technologies Team deploying swift.ng ERP & Ecommerce Software. Staff were enthusiastic from the beginning and upon learning all the features of the software, started developing cold feet towards it. When issues come up, they amplified and even exaggerated it. Focusing on each specific challenge and working with your vendor to resolve such issues is the way out of it.


It may be the software vendor, it maybe you, it may be the technology, whatever it is, find it out sort it out with your vendor. But if your marriage is irreconcilable, you may wish to part ways and look for what works for you. Afterall You don’t need any software to run your business.

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