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Without a great software, it is impossible to run and grow your business. We know you need to keep in touch with leads and customers, keep track of inventory, financial records, documents, orders, employee performance, payments, projects, appointments, file tax returns, sell online etc. overall you need your company's information more effectively managed.

We have helped business owners and managers like you work smarter using Swift.ng - a cloud-based ERP & E-Commerce suite of important tools and services you need to run your Business/Organization. From startups to multiple-branch businesses, swift.ng ERP & E-Commerce is the right software to monitor every aspect of your Business realtime. Also included are special modules for hotels, property companies, fashion designers and law firms. Try now! 14 days free

1. Monitor your Business

Track business activities

swift.ng ERP & E-Commerce running in the cloud means you have realtime information about every aspect of your business.

We know how it feels trying to block leakages and fraud to no avail. We have helped others like you create a robust control system that gives you full control. A trial will convince you. Try now! 14 days free

2. Get Information fast

Login and its all there

Use your PC or mobile to access information for fast decision making. Use reports and insights to work smarter.

Is it information about your stock level, product status, customers, vendors, orders, payments, invoices, staff, projects, income, expenses, documents, branch offices, etc? swift.ng is the answer.

3. Make money online

Bonus online Store

Others are selling online, why not you? swift.ng ERP & E-Commerce also gives you an online store so you can sell your products and make money.

To compete in the market, you need to add online sales to your income stream. swift.ng integrates an online store to your business. Create your products, upload pictures, setup account details and you are live.

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Our Company

Swift.ng is a product of Sysmax Technologies Limited. A privately owned Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Company based in Nigeria. We have over the years focused on our core expertise which is the creative development of software (web-based, desktop, and mobile) that add value to businesses and organizations. Over time we have built competences with our list of satisfied clients using our software.

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Accounting and Inventory

Income, expenses, chart of accounts, sales, purchases, stock levels, payments, electronic invoicing, customers, vendors, replenishment and expiry date prompts, work/job orders, financial statements, etc.

Human Resource and Payroll

Team details, Work Plan, Work Done, KPI, ID Cards, Business Cards, Time attendance, monthly payment, tax calculation, pay slip, deductions, benefits and reports.

Special Modules

We have also created special modules for fashion Designers, Law Firms, Property Managers, Hotels and a rich file sharing platform to power you paperless office.

Project Management

Create your projects, break it into steps, further break down steps to details, set budget, timeline, team, upload documents, update status and expenses with comprehensive reporting with charts.


Annual projections, income, expenses, budget performance tracking, proposed/expected versus actual data, comprehensive reporting with charts.

Company Information & Documents

Record key information, processes and notices in your company for staff's consumption. Uplaod and share documents with colleages.

SMS and E-mail Notification

Send SMS and E-mails to individual or group of customers, staff, prospects and vendors at a click of a button. Schedule messages on birthdays, new month, etc.

Online Shop

Simply upload pictures of your products, set its status to public and you can start selling online. Your online shop address is also short swift.ng/YourBusinessName

Multiple Branches

Does your Business have multiple branches? We've got that covered too. Create and assign staff to roles accross your branches and monitor them realtime.


Charles Ona

As a Software company with many branches Swift.ng has been a vital tool for monitoring staff activities, performance and feedback. I am able to log into any branch, view sales, staff work plan, daily work done updates and make comments. Its feels like I am live in all our branches and that I really appreciate.

Haj. Yusuf Fatima

I used to have 3 different software handling different aspects of my fashion line. Swift Office made me dump all of them and its cloud based so there are no barriers of distance again. Introducing Swift Office Classified Ads has also given my company a complete Ads page and people just google my products and find me. Really innovative team too.

Kehinde Adeola

I have 3 products and keeping up to date records in my books was a big challenge. I needed a software that could take my daily sales and do basic inventory. Swift Office did better, it would even send SMS receipt to my customers after entering sales. All I needed was my phone and at a glance I can view all reports and alerts. It is also free for me.

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